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Data Statistics

School Statistics Monitoring Committee

This group meets annually.  The meeting for this year is still to be called. It is expected to happen late Term 2 or early Term 3.




Absenteeism Codes/ENROL

The absenteeism codes for 2011 will remain the same as for this year.  NOTE when students are away on study leave they should be marked as a justified absence.  If the student is in school studying they can be marked as present.

 ENROL system is going well.   Most schools are using it properly.   The use of ENROL will be expanded over time.  Two SMS systems are trialling various aspects of ENROL at the moment. 

The data collected around EC services is useful for the MoE.  The questions around EC will be further expanded next year and the NZPF enrolments forms will be updated.  These changes will resolve being only able to choose one EC option, duration and intensity of programmes. 

National Standards

Within each SMS package there will be a reporting aspect as it relates to national standards.  It is up to schools whether they choose to use this option or make their own reports.  If schools use it within the package data will be tracked from year to year and reports will be able to be generated.  The MoE will NOT be collecting data regarding national standards from the SMS systems. 

Note:  As soon as a report is made to a Board of Trustees this means it is discoverable under the Official Information Act.  Be aware if you are reporting and small school numbers are involved that a student may be able to be identified. 

The MoE are aware of inconsistencies in teacher judgments both within schools and from school to school.  At the end of Term 4 samples of TJS will be taken for analysis.  A NEMP study has been commissioned to compare consistency of judgment statements.

 Attendance Survey

The MoE have had a reasonably good response to the attendance survey but would like more back.  Remind schools to send this in by due date.

 Quarterly Roll Returns

For students Years 1 – 8 data will be collected as normal.   Payments will be washed up in 1 July.

For Years 9-13 data will be collected on the 1st March, 1 June, 1 July and 1 September.   No wash up payments made from 1 June and 1 September roll counts. 

1 July roll count required for all school levels. 

The rationale behind this is to give schools the incentive to retain students and improve the accuracy and fairness of funding.  It will also minimise double funding i.e. schools will no longer be funded for students who have left during the year.   No changes will be made around staffing schools. 

The 1 June return date could well be a problem for rural schools who may have a large number of student movement due to change over in dairy farms.  Discussion around this point was quite lengthy. The MoE had given no thought to the date.  Lorraine Kerr and myself made the point that this could affect the funding of rural schools in that families who are on the move normally leave the school prior to 1st June and new families coming in arrive after 1st June.   MoE said this date could not be changed for 2011 but if it looks like a genuine problem could be changed for future years. 

David McIntosh asked if I could ask the question of area schools and report back to him when he meets with us on 12th August.

 Education Counts Website

A reminder that this website contains some excellent statistic data.


Lesley McCardle