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Leadership Course


Venue:      Wainui Heights beside the Akaroa Harbour, Christchurch

Dates:      Monday 16th to Saturday 21st April  2018 (travel 16th and 21st)

Cost:         approx $550 (does not include transport)

2019 Dates: Sunday 14th to Friday 19th April 2019 (yet to be confirmed)


NOTE:    One adult per two schools is required to help out.   If you would like to be part of the organising committee and attend Leadership Course every year Colin would like to hear from you.   For the ongoing sustainability of this course more adults are needed!

Contact: Brendon Ferguson, Hurunui College

Transport:  Please get flight details to Brendon Ferguson and he will arrange for transport to and from Wainui.

Presentation:  As part of the leadership course you are required to put together a presentation about your  home town.  This year we have decided you need to organise this presentation before you come to leadership camp.  You will be given 2.5 to 3 minutes in which you may talk and show pictures of where you come from.  This can be done as a slide show, power point or just photos, brochures and words.  You will be judged on your content and your presentation.  Equipment you need will be provided for you to use.

Star funding is able to be used for the entire cost of the course including accommodation and transport as there are two unit standards assessed as part of the course.

Please note - one adult per two schools.  Adults accompanying students may bring along family members.  There will be a charge for accommodation but it will be reasonable.  Wainui is a great place for a holiday.

Schools may send three students initially but if there beds available more students could be accommodated. Please ring Brendon Ferguson if you have more than 3 fantastic students.


All beds are allocated on a first in first served bases. There is no accommodation cost for teachers.  Please note we could do with some extra adults at the course.  If you are sending more than two students please consider sending a staff member as well.


The organising committee is


Brendon Ferguson         Hurunui College

Mike Smith                     Mercury Bay Area School

Kate Anderson               Lawrence Area School

Quenten Browne            Raglan Area School


To secure a place pleased complete the booking form  and get it back to Brendon Ferguson as soon as possible.   To download the booking form click here Please post $550 per student with the consent form to secure places.

There are approximately 54 beds available this year therefore places are limited.

Gear List

Click on the link NZASA Leadership Course Gear List to download the list.

The annual New Zealand Area Schools leadership course will provide an
opportunity for the future leaders from participating schools to be
involved in a number of experiences which will develop and extend their
leadership skills, self esteem, and an understanding of New Zealand's
bi-cultural heritage.

To gain group and leadership skills.
To develop skills to deal with unfamiliar situations.
To gain a better understanding of our cultural heritage.
To further develop communication skills.