About Us

The New Zealand Area Schools Association has been formed to advance the cause of Area schools in particular and rural education in general.

The organisation promotes the continuous improvement and development of education for students of all ages as well as promoting the development of skills, and opportunities for learning and training for both Board of Trustees members and professionals: Principals and Teachers.

The association provides a forum for the exchange of ideas; support and advice for member schools and liaison with other educational bodies.

One of the aims of the organisation is to ensure that the collective views and opinions of Area School personnel are canvassed and heard nationally on matters of educational significance.

An Area School is defined as being a State school in a rural and often isolated setting which provides learning programmes based on the New Zealand Curriculum to students from Years 1 through to Y15. 

Our membership also covers Area Schools situated in an urban or rural setting who define themselves by their special character e.g. kura/religious nature etc.

A Strategic Plan has been developed which the Committee are working to. This plan can be viewed by downloading the handbook or clicking here